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LA Law (1986 - 1994) 5x15 + Elementary 2x10 + Revenge 3x09 Reviewed

The Beverly Hills Hangers
Rikki Davis, an unfaithful trophy wife, is on trial for the murder of her 74 year old husband. The press have dubbed her “the hanging bitch”, her lover is testifying against her and there is a 26 million dollar motive. But she has two star lawyers (Harry Hamlin of ’Veronica Mars’ and John Spencer of ’The West Wing’) defending her. This show looks dated, but it has a catchy theme tune and a cast full of never quite wheres (Susan Dey, Corbin Bernsen, Alan Rachins, Jimmy Smits, Blair Underwood, Larry Drake and Amanda Donohoe). I liked this episode.

The firm’s nemesis psycho biddy Rosalind Shays (Diana Muldaur) annoys, the dead man’s lawyer Mark Chelios (John de Lancie of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’, ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ and ‘Breaking Bad’) has 80s hair and the dead man’s daughter lurks. There is a lot of gaudy neon and spandex on display.

Rikki’s lawyers demolish the prosecution's case and pin the murder on the daughter and Mark Chelios. Rikki is acquitted but Harry Hamlin knows things are a bit too convenient and that Chelios is not a giftedly bad lawyer. Rikki did do it and Chelios was her accomplice. It was a complicated plan involving Rikki being tried and acquitted via Chelios setting up the daughter and Rikki now being protected by double jeopardy. This was good and Harry Hamlin makes a lot of bulldog chewing a wasp faces.

Best Lines:
“Rikki Davis murdered her husband for his money.”

“I think the jury will read you as cold.”

“Proposed what?”

“I would sooner dive head-first into my own vomit.”

“Strong motive and shaky physical evidence.”

“I’ll pop the pus right out of him.”

“I refuse to answer any more questions.”

“You pulled it off.”

“Either did it or had it done.”

“I’ve completely lost you now.”

“I’m free no matter what you do.”

“I believe I’m free to go.”

Bell wants nothing to do with Holmes after Holmes is responsible for him being shot. Holmes is smug, arrogant, sneering and stubbornly still-employable by the NYPD. Watson and Holmes lie, neither show any remorse about how Holmes broke the law and provoked a man into getting violent. Holmes doesn’t see what he did wrong. This was awful.

Best Line:
“Buried within that bag of posthumous slop.”

What kind of magazine is Voulez? It does a spread on Daniel and Emily’s wedding. Sara doesn’t want to be the other woman and Lydia annoys and has ingrained smugness. Jack, Aiden and Nolan bore. Stupidity and self-interest rule. Sarah heads off, Charlotte can’t act, Aiden proposes to Emily, the French chick bores and things go awry for Emily’s dumb framing plan. This was just terrible.

Best Lines:
“This, again.”

“I’ll address it the way I see fit.”

“Momentary lapse in evil.”
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