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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Witchboard 2: The Devil’s Doorway’ (1993) trailer
Aimee Dolenz stars in this awful movie, the trailer is delightfully cheesy though.

Best Lines:
“Some games should never be played.”

“One soul has taken another.”

‘Mask Maker’ trailer
Looks good and the dad from ‘Everwood’ is in it.

‘Hamish Macbeth’ opening credits
Robert Carlyle’s old show had bad credits.

‘The Kiss’ Quotes:
“This aunt, mom like hated her, comes from nowhere with all this creepy stuff in her suitcase acting like she owns us.”

“I feel like I swallowed a blender.”

“Straighten the bitch out.”

“They’ve only seen blood like her’s when they’ve exhumed a corpse.”

“Go to hell.”
“Not yet.”

‘Unseen Academicals’ Quote:
“Forgiveness is the name of Pastor Oats’s double-headed battle-axe. For Mister Oats the crusade against evil is not a metaphor.”

‘The Black Guard’ Quotes:
“Randall was used to his master being drunk, but the previous evening he had broken several more chairs and tables than was normal.”

“Is the ground somehow offensive to important people?”

“I know you’ve been at the ale, but just stand there blocking his escape and try to look mean.”

“You’re not as dangerous as you think you are.”

“They call them the dark Young of the Dead God. I suppose they’re afraid of them, as if they’re not exactly what they seem to be. They just looked like ancient, strange-looking trees to me.”

I am reading ‘The Black Guard’.

Juice of a Seville orange = bitter!

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Ruby left and is gone from the opening credits. No-one cares. Tegan is just asking to be murdered. Peri Lomax is Sienna’s long lost daughter. Oh FFS. Jason sees Fraser kissing Tegan. Sandy and Tegan scream at each other in the street. Fraser lies. Freddie is a loon and Lindsay isn’t as dim as Sinead hopes.

Best Lines:
“I thought I saw her doing a walk of shame through the village.”

“You little tramp!”
“As if Grandma!”


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