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Revenge 3x08 Reviewed

Daniel and Sara commit emotional adultery and work their way up to actual adultery. Aiden and Nolan are roommates. Charlotte bores. Emily pulls faces. Conrad is gross and everyone encourages Daniel to make a show of himself. Jack values antagonism over accomplishment. Charlotte is an idiot and seems to have forgotten Declan. Emily has an ugly hairdo for her bridal shower. Victoria whips out Emily’s first husband, who is yet another revenge school graduate. Various people spin illusion they sell as truth. Sara is visibly mortified, quasi-benevolent Daniel is done with Emily and Emily is not humbled by personal struggles. Victoria is bombastic in her smugness, a butler is dodgy, Jack makes speeches, Aiden is disreputable, Emily fakes a pregnancy to keep her man and Lydia returns. This was terrible.

Best Lines:
“No killing on the premises.”

“Do not marry your mistress.”

“I’m all yours now darling.”
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