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Trailers, Quotes and a 1998 Tape Tale

‘The Musketeers’ 1x05

‘Hard Rain’ trailer
Christian Slater, Morgan Freeman and Randy Quaid star in this tale of a flood, cold hard cash, thieves, guns and lots of water. A forgettable film.

‘Scream 2’ trailer
Oh Neve Campbell, where did your career go? Cute trailer, fun movie.

Best Lines:
“You just want to sit here and wait to see who drops next?”

“You wanna be one of the big boys? Manson, Bundy, OJ?”

“What’s your favourite scary movie?”

Read who was cast Jim Gordon in ‘Gotham’, yay!

I am reading ‘Charming’.

‘Charming’ Quotes:
“All real well, except for Orcs and Hobbits Tolkien just made those up.”

“I didn’t light a candle against the dark, I wielded a flamethrower.”

“Some races that were old when dinosaurs were walking on this planet.”

“You should find that ominous.”

“This girl was a monster long before she became a vampire...I think she could become the kind of evil queen people will tell stories about a thousand years from now.”

“The comment hung in the air like a freeloader who won’t leave a funeral reception.”

“You’d have a bunch of psychic vampire hunters with scary accents and long last names with no vowels coming after your ass.”

'Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“I did not have sex in the woods.”

“There may be some bias that you have as well.”

“You go meet with this man that threatened your son with bodily harm.”

“The first house you clean is your own.”

“That will come back to bite you.”

Cleared out a tape from 1998.  It began with a season 1 ‘Earth: Final Conflict’ ep ‘Old Flame’ in which Boone runs into an old flame with 90s hair. Dr Bellman has a photo of Gene Roddenberry on her desk. There is outdated computer technology such as everything being “on disc” and a twist. Boone learns his alleged old flame is nothing but a squalid folly. The growing irritating suspicion that the Taelons are bad is just annoying. This ep is all debilitating mediocrity.

Best Lines:
Nice white tux.”
“Yeah those were the days.”

Then there was a ‘Maximum Bob’ episode ‘A Little Tail’. In Deepwater Florida, surreal events are afoot. Kathy’s evil cheating estranged husband shows up full of malevolence. Bob (Beau Bridges) continues his war against the liberal mob. The local inbred rednecks befriend a manatee. Bob’s wife’s old boss (William Sanderson of ‘Hidden Palms’) pays a visit with his mermaid troop. Kathy (Liz Vassey) is slow to accept that her husband is Lindsay Lohan dirty and that he has 90s hair. She finally ends their destructive relationship and this was piffle. Garret Dillahunt shows up as a horny deputy.

Best Lines:
“Hot grits!”

“Honk if I’m a horny rat bastard.”

Then there was the first ever ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ ep ‘Welcome To The Hellmouth’ in which Eric Balfour guest stars as Jesse who was Xander’s BFF yet never again mentioned after his death. Xander rides a skateboard; it was never seen again after this ep. Cordelia wants to live in LA, irony. Cordelia goes on about vamp nail polish, James Spader and John Tesh. Giles lurks and stalks Buffy like a sex offender. The Master shows up to be ardently illogical, Angel lurks and Willow and Jesse are menaced by vampires and Darla seethes. This was all just irrelevance.

Best Lines:
“The world will bleed.”

“Hi, I’m an enormous slut.”

Finally there was another season 1 ‘Earth: Final Conflict’ ep ‘Avatar’. A serial killer got a CVI and knows stuff. Cue ambivalence about the Taelons and their clandestine absolutism and sense of certainty! TPTB wasted a perfectly good plot with Boone and his CVI. There is bad acting and Taelon transgressions. This ep is unloved and hugely flawed. The serial killer relays some threats. TPTB were working at a train wreck. Boone needed to get out of the self-righteous chair.

Best Lines:
“Don’t you ever go home?”

“Don’t think about it. I don’t.”

“They are afraid.”
“Afraid of what?”

“Genius and madness walking as one.”

“You will judge them.”

“The Sleeper will come.”
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