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The Musketeers 1x04 Reviewed

The Good Solider
The Duke and Duchess of Savoy visit, France needs Savoy as a bulwark against Spain. The Duke is belligerent and the Duchess is Louis XIII’s beloved sister. Richelieu has the former Savoyard Chancellor in prison and the Duke must never know this. Aramis’ old friend Marsac shows up to kill the Duke over events that happened five years ago. This was okay probably due to the absence of Milady. The characters are all emotionally barren, Constance is shoe-horned in and the quartet has an air of self-congratulation. Marsac is nothing but self serving, soul-crushing destructiveness, Richelieu is deliciously appalling and d’Artagnan is everyone’s morality pet. Treville shouts and there are twists. D’Artagnan still isn’t a musketeer, Anne of Austria is still childless and there is a prison break, spy v spy stuff and this show’s renewal actually hints at promise.

Best Lines:
“Your French roads are full of potholes.”

“First a deserter and now an assassin.”

“The Cardinal’s promises are written in water.”

“I am the grand deceiver and you are the bluff honest man of action. I’m familiar with the roles we play captain.”

“You’re very sensitive for a man in the business of killing.”

“Not everything I do is pleasant but it is necessary.”

“What a terrible man.”

“If you damage her husband, my sister is going to be very upset.”
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