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Book Review: Dirty Magic

Dirty Magic by Jaye Wells
Book 1 of the ‘Prospero’s War’ saga is excellent. But what else do you expect from the author of the wonderful ‘Sabina Kane’ saga? In an alternate universe world, Kate Prospero is a patrol cop on the mean streets of Babylon where magic, potions and alchemy are a constant threat.

Kate knows the true danger of magic because years ago she walked away from magic, her coven and the man she loved to build a new life for herself and her younger brother. But a crime leads Kate to a spot on the Magical Enforcement Agency and her past comes back to bite her as a malign, sour, sinister plot turns out to be afoot. I loved this grim, gritty tale. More ‘Prospero’s War’ please, just let there be less of the macho jackass Morales.

Best Lines:
“When the screams stop, it’s safe.”

“You’ll die in the gutter where you belong.”
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