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Movie Review: The Legacy

The Legacy (1978)
An idiot American couple Pete (Sam Elliott) and Maggie (Katharine Ross of ‘The Stepford Wives’ and ‘Donnie Darko’) head to the UK where they end up in a mysterious man’s country mansion with his eccentric guests among them Roger Daltrey and Charles Gray. There are flares, 70s hair, an awful soundtrack, a white cat, an indoor pool, a mysterious painting and a lurking nurse. Pete walks around naked and yells and patronises. Their host heavy breathes, Pete has festering anger, the guests are all awful and someone drowns after a prolonged swimming scene.  This was dull and tried to be scary by numbers. The characters are unpalatable, the plot is ludicrously silly and Maggie is blind to the evil for too long. Roger Daltrey’s character has an overlong choking to death scene and the trailer for this film promised terror, that trailer was grossly misleading. The ending is weird with more OTT deaths and a sudden personality change.

Best Line:
“Goddam English plumbing, that’s what happened.”

“They’re crazy.”
“I know they are.”

“She was dragged from the house and burned at the stake by orders of Queen Elizabeth the first.”

“I’ve got the power.”
“Yeah, I know you have. Now what are you going to do with it?”
“Anything I want.”
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