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The Green Hornet #9 Reviewed

Britt Reid’s descent into despicable indifference comes back to haunt him. Reid runs WBR radio as a massive dragnet hunts the vilified Hornet. Dugan cracks up, Reid fears his vigilant activity may be coming to an end and the FBI hunt the Hornet and they’re not dumb. This was okay except for Reid having a good cry at some unwarranted and unacceptable blowback.

Best Lines:
“I can’t believe you’re going out. You must be the most wanted criminals in Chicago history.”
“It’s an honor we worked hard to win.”

“Want a scoop to bring back to the newsroom?”
“Already got one.”
“Mine’s better.”

“We’re here because you blew people up. People who worked for you. No wonder everyone’s joining unions.”
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