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The Twilight Zone (1985 - 1989) 1x01 Segment 2 + Revenge 3x07 Reviewed

A Little Peace and Quiet
This was directed by Wes Craven. Penny a badly dressed housewife has a lazy husband, four obnoxious kids and a dog. She’s frazzled with 80s hair and has no time to herself, even the washing machine is harassing her. One day while digging in her garden she finds an amulet that gives her the ability to freeze time. Penny enjoys this new power while ignoring the news on the HUGE clock radio and HUGE ghetto blaster about USA/USSR tension. Whilst they are ‘frozen’, the kids sway but you can overlook that.

Penny enjoys taking a break from her intolerable family whom she was wearily resigned to. Her new power is no insignificant thing but Penny does not see the devastating consequences coming. Also if she wasn’t such an incompetent parent, things wouldn’t have come to this. Also she is kind of infuriating, under-reacts to the amulet’s power and is heading for a flameout as her long suppressed palpable bitchery, raw bile and moral squalor erupt.

One night her husband gets frenzied as he listens to the radio. It seems the nuclear disarmament talks have broken down and WW3 has begun. The USSR has launched first (but of course), alarms blare, her husband and one of her sons start crying and Penny’s mental collapse takes place. She freezes time and wanders around her frozen town of panicked people. The final image is her seeing a badly done CGI missile hanging over her town as she stands next to a cinema showing ‘Fail Safe’ and ‘Dr Strangelove’. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Mom! I want some choco poppers!”
“You don’t need choco poppers.”

“Where’s my Cyndi Lauper record?”

“Nuclear war has just broken out.”

“This is the end.”

Conrad hires a PR woman, Bizzy, to rehab his image. Are TPTB retconning Nolans’s past? Daniel cheats with Sara. Remember Daniel‘s attempts to become a better man? That fish was dead before it swam. Flinty Bizzy (its Betty’s sister from ‘Ugly Betty’) finds out a secret, Charlotte wants to create friction, Jack moves on from his nebulous love for Amanda, Aiden is out on his ear and Emily is no longer oblivious to the public dissolution of Daniel’s love. This was okay but the professionally offended Emily has lost some appeal.

Best Lines:
“It’s time she found out about my first husband.”

“You know her?”
“And loathe her.”

“Bizzy’s the one who should be sorry.”

“I’m a gravedigger babe; I bury things bigger than this everyday.”

“I have to make sure they have no future.”
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