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‘The Following’ 2x04 promo
Me likey.

Best Line:
“They seek fame in the worst possible way.”

‘Alien Nation’ (1989 - 1990) was a good show and had five TV movies.

Lavender chocolate = divine.

‘Hollyoaks’, Holly mocks the dead Doug. John-Paul tries to get rid of Finn and ends up getting shoved into a urinal by the creep. Freddie doesn’t seem to miss his dead brother. Trevor sets fire to the deli with Jason and Holly inside. Ziggy is orange and everyone thinks Joe ‘ran off’ cos of Freddie shagging his bird. Is Sinead harming Katy? Is Sinead still a ho? Sinead has it out with Lindsey. John-Paul is cracking up. Freddie is awful. John-Paul goes even crazier. Diane tries to menace Trevor and breaks up with Tony. Ste goes back into business with Trevor. Tony calls Trevor “the hardest man in the village”.

Best Lines:
“Never ask me that again.”

“Why can’t he love me?”

“You’re a vulture Trevor.”

“Trevor’s not that bad. He’s just a bit misunderstood.”
“He’s like Liam Gallagher with PMT.”

‘Raising Hope’ Quotes:
“They gave up on us a long time ago.”

“Some blood doping cheater riding a bike all over France.”
“I saw that on Oprah. Well that guy’s got a lot of ball.”

“You’d know that if you ever graduated from anything.”

“That’s how I remember it.”

“Might I interest you in a sample sausage?”
“Is it kosher?”
“I’m not even sure its real meat.”

“Would that be a cruise to hell? Because I think that’s where you two are going.”

“Our friends and their horrible children.”

“They breed like they’re Irish.”

“Maw-Maw why don’t you go in the back yard and see if you can get up a varmint for dinner.”

“Frank suck it up. Nobody cares.”

“You can only turn your underwear inside out once.”

“So the shotgun aimed at your face? Not a concern for you?”

“Neighbour kid fell into my varmint trapping pit.”

“You don’t remember yesterday.”
“Good point.”

‘Royal Cousins At War’ Quote:
“Surrounded by people who consider your very existence a misfortune.”

‘Awkward’ Quote:
“How you never cease to disappoint.”

‘Dirty Magic’ Quotes:
“When I saw the title, I wanted to throw the book out of the window. No, that was too nice. I wanted to light it on fire and spread the ashes to the four corners of the earth.”

“Your daddy didn’t sneak into your bedroom at night to touch your no-no place.”

“I was in the privacy of my own vehicle. Wasn’t my fault that school bus pulled up next to me. I don’t have a problem”

“I’m saying I’m terrified of what would take their place once they’re gone.”

“You’re gonna make sweet cell candy for some Bubba.”

‘Futurama’ Quote:
“The president is gagging on my gas bladder. What an honour.”
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