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Movie Review: Banshee Chapter

Banshee Chapter (2014)
In this excellent horror Anne a journalist will do anything to uncover what or who caused her friend James (it’s the guy who played Steve Newlin on ‘True Blood’) disappearance. But to her horror, she discovers that it wants to find her too. James was researching MK-Ultra mind control experiments and took a dangerous drug that was used in the experiments. Thus setting in motion creepy, disturbing and unsettling events. Anne uncovers a story of number stations, a crazy 1970s icon, HP Lovecraft and a meancer of society from outside the scope of accepted reality. Anne is in active risk and largely void of recognisable emotion. This was a deeply scary tale of repellent experiments carried out with weird callousness and a total lack of concern and how the experiments have a terrible legacy. This is more horrifying then Miley Cyrus Unplugged and has a cruel twist ending.

Best Lines:
“These entities were kind of malignant and threatening. And actually a handful of the volunteers had traumatic and terrible encounters with these entities.”

“I don’t want to see myself doing some weird drug on youtube.”

“It’s coming toward the house.”

“His books were written in a haze of pills, booze and to some schizophrenic genius.”

“He tied the reporter to a chair and threw him into the pool.”

“Who did your interior decorating? Charles Manson?”

“It’s bad etiquette.”

“It lets them in.”

“I want to find out who’s behind this.”
“Well you’re in luck because I think it wants to find us too.”

“It turns your brain into a receiver so they could come through.”

“Thomas put the drugs down.”

“They’re coming for us.”
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