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Book Review: Wolf Hall

Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel
The award winning epic that continues in the excellent ‘Bring Up The Bodies’. Henry VIII rules an opulent brutal court. Thomas Cromwell is a lowborn man with a mysterious past but through his intelligence and vindictive nature he rises and rises from being a protégée of Cardinal Wolsey to being the premier adviser to Henry VIII.

Cromwell has a family he cares for, becomes an ally to the minxy Anne Boleyn and has an overblown conflict with the monument to malevolence Thomas More. This was enthralling, good and an elegant study of the pathologically egocentric Cromwell and his mastery of the arrogant idiots at the Tudor court.

Best Lines:
“My lord when you shout, the beggars on the street can hear you. In Calais.”

“Hans wants to paint me.”
“I hope he can run fast,”

“If a man spoke to you in that tone, you’d invite him to step outside and ask someone to hold your coat.”

“All that rabbit fur she is bundled up in...It looks as if it has been nibbled.”
“She’s Henry’s daughter for sure.”

“He has told Norris what she offers him and it doesn’t conduce to getting a child, I can tell you.”

“Seven years she schemed to be queen, and God protect us from answered prayers.”
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