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Book Review: Peaceable Kingdoms

Star Trek The Fall: Peaceable Kingdoms by Dayton Ward
The final entry in ‘The Fall’ saga is a boring, festering mess spawned from the liberal creative subconscious of the Trek writers. The old and profligate Picard determines to bring down the UFP president in-between cooing over his brat, Crusher comes to the fore as she does stuff and Admiral Riker is as socially inept as ever.

Picard spews accusatory theory and liberal platitudes and Crusher is a boring hysterical shrew as the duo engage in character assassination of the UFP president. Worf growls, LaForge is boring and Andor just saunters back into UFP membership. The Typhon Pact doesn’t do anything and I can’t stand Picard and his speech making and his protagonist centred morality. This was a mess of liberal BS, exposition dumps and Bacco is venerated as a saint instead of the ridiculous failure she was.

I loathe Picard cooing over his brat and demanding his tea, Earl Gray, hot. I hate Crusher usurping Bashir’s job on DS9. I hate the fact that Bashir is still repudiated by Starfleet. I hate that at the end of this novel, Starfleet decide to launch a new exploration initiative (you know like they did at the start of the ‘Star Trek: Titan’ saga). Picard heads off to explore an unexplored sector. So what will come after ‘The Fall’? Right now I don’t really care; I only hope it is better than this crap.

Best Lines:
“I have to say as labor camps go, this looks like it could’ve been one of the nicer ones.”

“Was that really necessary?”

“They do outnumber us, after all.”

“There’s no need for this level of violence.”
“Not from their perspective.”

“Eliminate one irritant and another takes its place. Why must everything be so difficult?”

“Isn’t he the whole reason you’re here? Are you going to let him die now?”

“How are you speak to me this way?”

“Fools, every last one of you.”

“All of that, and for what?”

“Operation Vanguard was compartmentalised and buried for very good reasons, only a few of which you know.”

“Where you’re going, none have gone before.”

“What awaited him and his crew in that vast unknown?”

“Go see what's out there.”
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