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Trailer, Quotes and Stuff

‘True Detective’ promo

Cranberry and White Chocolate cookies = yum.
French Onion Soup = okay.

Lemongrass and Ginger smells nice.

‘Raising Hope’ Quotes:
“We used to find your babysitters at the bus station.”

“My son knows all his letters. My son has a friend.”

“Good for you TV’s Tim Stack.”

“I’m told I burned my house down.”

“One of her legs had two knees.”

“Now he’s in the shower crying, which as you can imagine is a huge turn on.”

“That trampoline is my only form of daytime income.”

“I haven’t played guitar sober since I was 12.”

“You’ve got to make sure not to die or choke or burn the house down.”

“They might put our name up on the wall. Only this time it won’t be after the words: do not accept cheques from.”

“Just because I had that dream about Burt where he was a horse and I’m riding him bareback doesn’t mean I’m gay.”

‘2 Broke Girls’ Quote:
“This is why I’m not allowed to hold babies.”

Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Did you come after her with a knife?”

“Stephen threatens to kill me about once a week.”

“Get away from my door! I have things to do!”

‘Wolf Hall’ Quotes:
“I wonder what I’ve married into,”

“You want a new husband. Will he do?”

“The king - after they have spent some twenty years together - would like to marry another lady.”

“He was being unnecessarily Welsh.”

“Scenes of spite with superseded concubines.”

“It’s all very well, this business of holding the king off and angling after presents.”

‘Beneath every history, another history.”

“You had a bad name before you were born.”

“There is one short way to please that lady, and that is to crown her queen.”

“Allowed me such freedom as only a betrothed woman would allow.”

“I wish you had a pre-contract, but Jesus, no chance of that, the fields were black with men running in the other direction.”

“Pottage. I wouldn’t recommend it. It looks like what’s left when a whore’s washed her shift.”

“You left someone dead?”
“He didn’t look well.”

‘Futurama’ Quote:
“Would you kindly shut your noise hole?”

There will be no review of ‘Hostages’ 1x04 ‘2:45 PM’.

Martin Kemp once so good looking is now orange, botoxed and has overdone the bronzer. Shame.

Read the latest ‘Batman vs. Superman’ casting’. WTF?

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Myra returned and then left again. Lindsey and Freddie shagged. Fraser did kill Trevor’s father but convinced Trevor he didn’t. Trevor and Grace take their shirts off showing off Trevor’s chavvy tattoos and Grace’s stripper underwear.  Finn and Ste need to die and rise no more. Ziggy calls champagne “fizzy wine”. Freddie is a bad bad actor. Sonny won’t go away. Mercedes doesn’t seem to recall she has a son she lost custody of and never sees. Fraser won’t button his short. Trevor has sandpaper for a face. Freddie’s coveting of his brother’s woman is exposed. He still has no emotional expressiveness. Bigger idiots only exist on ‘Teen Mom 3’. It is times like this that I miss 'Night Stand With Dick Dietrick'.

Best Lines:
“Get some clothes on.”

“Have some shame.”

“Happy birthday hubby and I hope it’s your last!”
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