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Movie Review: Priest

Priest (2011)
After the exposition dump animated opening credits begins this post-apoc tale of humans v vampires that stars Bill from ‘True Blood’, Clary from ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’, a wasted Maggie Q of 'Nikita' , Alan Dale and Paul Bettany who turned down ‘The King’s Speech’ to make this. He must be proud. This is a boring tale of walled cities, vampires, Karl Urban showing off his inability to act, slow motion fights and tattoos that plays out like a reject from a video rental shop clearance sale. TPTB indulge themselves in poisonous laziness as the heroes fight an army of vampires on a train. I cared not.

Best Lines:
“Whatever you hear, don’t scream.”

“I can smell the blood running through your veins. Smells like dinner.”
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