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Tales Of The Unexpected (1979 - 1988) 3x01 + Revenge 3x06 + The Tomorrow People 1x04 Reviewed

The Flypaper
This was broadcast in 1980. Schoolgirl Sylvia is bullied by everyone as the police hunt for a missing girl in the fens. As Sylvia rides an old fashioned red bus, she is stalked by a creepy old man. Nobody notices Sylvia entering hell and no safe moral guardian exists for her. She is an orphan and her vile grandmother badmouths her. The unsettling creep follows Sylvia no doubt planning a terrible fate for her. An old woman offers Sylvia help but the twist ending shows how you should never trust a stranger. Any stranger. The downbeat ending leaves Sylvia in a rather horrible hopeless situation and nobody cares. This was okay and based on a short story by Elizabeth Taylor (no not the actress).

Best Lines:
“Always such a victim you know.”

“That a son of mine could have fathered so unattractive a child.”

“Can’t someone stop him talking to me?”

“I know your sort.”

David and Emily relationship is dying and she does not notice as she is too busy being capricious. Victoria is plastic, her pillow is probably afraid to see her coming at night. Charlotte is dreary. Emily plans a honeymoon cruise. Conrad tries to sell Grayson Manor with its walk in humidor. All the pretty clothing can’t make this interesting. Patrick and Nolan hook up. Emily’s running commentary voiceover bores. Justin Hartley who ruined ‘Smallville’, still can’t act.

Daniel runs into Sara, the girl he nearly killed in a DUI. Sara is a jumpy wreck and is all screaming. Daniel is threatened by her demeanour. Charlotte plots to reunite them. Aiden wears a vest, Emily fakes dramatic beach erosion, Jack and Nolan have tension. The cold, dark fact is that Emily’s bruising revenge has stalled. Nolan cooks and calls Emily on her crap; she’s stunned that he’s not frozen in aspic. Aiden shows Victoria something. Patrick is hustled out of town. Emily plans a revenge scheme ripped off from Christopher Pike’s ‘Gimme A Kiss’ and ‘Fall Into Darkness’.

Best Lines:
“Love built on lies is an arduous endeavour.”

“He killed that priest!”

“I’ve never not known.”

“What will you be purchasing? A place in hell?”

“I love a good master.”

“Your toxic property.”

“There’s nothing to fight for.”

“Stop gloating you spiteful beast.”

“Your mommy and daddy screwed me in the fine print.”

“And do what I should have done a long time ago, read it.”

“Your property prostitute.”

“I’ve never understood why rich people don’t lock their doors.”
“You know, if we can’t sell this house, perhaps we’ll just turn it into a home for wayward boys. I mean there’s Victoria’s bastard, her Brit and you.”


“He’s probably being chased out of town as we speak.”

“He was never supposed to know that.”

“Do not feign ignorance.”

“Your mongrel son!”

“The day Victoria Grayson goes down for the murder of Emily Thorne.”

Kill Or Be Killed
John can kill and lies about it. Stephen is stupid. Stephen’s mother doesn’t trust Price. John is an oaf. An evil TTP McCrane (Jason Dohring of ‘Veronica Mars’ and ‘Ringer’) shows up to shout a lot and be a heinous character. Stephen saves Price from being blown up. John blathers about the Prime Barrier and how Price made McCrane a maniac and takes his shirt off and annoys. There is too much flat effect acting. I think I’ll drop this show even if this was slightly better than the first 3 eps. Is Stephen’s mother a TTP? Why didn’t John kill Price in the final scene?

Best Lines:
“Exactly how many killing sprees has he been on?”

“Hubris, boy.”

“Are we part Amish or something?”
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