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Book Review: Independent Study

Independent Study: The Testing 2 by Joelle Charbonneau
Book 2 of ‘The Testing’ trilogy is a good continuation. Cia and Tomas have won places at the prestigious university. But there is a menacing tone to their studies. Failure will be penalised. The spoiled Tosu City students undervalue colony students and the endless tests continue. Cia is determined to excel at whatever is thrown at her and slowly but surely she learns the bitter truth of the secrets of the United Commonwealth and the price that must be paid to succeed. Cia has choices to make, but can she make them? This dystopia is cold, dark and very enjoyable.

Best Lines:
“Names of countries and people long dead.”

“There will be consequences to this night.”

“Students know failure requires a price.”

“Questions will be asked. Questions we do not want to answer.”
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