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Movie Review: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2008)
This gothic melodrama is the 3rd in the saga even though what happens to Lucian and his vampire lover Sonja is a foregone conclusion. This prequel set in the 13th centruy has CGI werewolves, Viktor has strident views and believes his own reality editing, Sonja looks creepily like Selene and there are exposition dumps all over the place. Everyone does large ham over acting. Sonja’s love for the werewolf slave Lucian is doomed but first we get cringe worthy sex scenes, fights and shouting. Their relationship is inappropriate in everyway but true love justifies any consequence or so they think. Despite TPTB’s best efforts this is anaemic.

Best Lines:
“Or so Viktor thought, so very long ago.”

“They are the grass on which we graze.”

“I will not bite, much.”

“The wolves are at your door as well.”

“We don’t die often.”
“Sadly no.”

“I curse the day your mother gave her life to bring you into this world.”
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