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‘Banshee Chapter’ trailer
This 2013 film is about mind control drugs and monsters. It looks good.

Best Lines:
“He took a military grade chemical that no-one seems to have documentation of.”

“It can see me.”

'The Monuments Men' TV spot

Blue Cheese Dijon Mustard = strong.

Reviews of ‘City Of Bones’ (movie). ‘Zoë’s Cats’, ‘Banshee Chapter’ and ‘The Legacy’ forthcoming.

No reviews of ‘The Conspiracy’ and ‘Pandemonium’ for now.

I am reading ‘Independent Study: The Testing 2’.

There will be no review of ‘Hostages’ 1x03 ‘Power of Persuasion’.

Saw photos of 1980s Barbies - oh the horror. The tacky pink boxes and awful 80s designs. Peaches and Cream Barbie = an orange ew. Crystal Barbie = looks like a lightening strike on the Fortress of Solitude. Dream Glow Barbie = words fail me.

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Nancy drags Maxine to the A&E to be tended by Sandy (the only nurse in Chester) and tells Sam (the only cop in Chester) about the bruises. Where are Finn and John-Paul? Maxine is terrified of the smell bag Patrick. She does nothing but dress like a doll for Patrick, put her hair up in complicated buns and quiver. Sonny might as well be Craig David. Holly and Jason are under achieving and difficult to manage. Fraser has nefarious intentions. Jim wants out of Fraser’s gang, Fraser says no, no, no. Freddie is vapid.

Best Lines:
“To me those bruises don’t look accidental.”

“Someone hit you didn’t they?”

‘Raising Hope’ Quotes:
“We like to keep em here till they get agitated, then we unleash them on the Jerry Springer stage.”

“She was a huge whore. We all know it.”

“She’s dead. I hope that brings you some comfort.”

“It’s like ’Glee’ but with plants.”

“Other than the milk company I sued over all those Bull hormones, no-one’s ever apologised to me before.”

“Your whorish grandmother.”

“I hate confrontation when I’m sober.”

“It’s like you want me to post those pictures with you and that Asian transvestite.”

“We are not that concerned about logic.”
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