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Cuban Fury’ TV spot
Nick Frost and Chris O’Dowd are unfunny.

Best Lines:
“I’ve got something that you don’t have. Do you know what that is?”
“Type 2 diabetes?”

Upcoming ‘Star Trek’ books have hideous covers.

In ‘Hollyoaks’, Jim wakes up. Dodger tells Sienna he preferred ‘The Twits’ to ‘The BFG’. Of course he did. Maxine claims her bruises were caused by the burglar. So Jason is arrested. Patrick burns all the photos of Sophie. Mitzeee must be oblivious to her sister’s pain. I honestly think Patrick will only be exposed after he kills Maxine.

‘Raising Hope’ Quotes:
“I got a healthy bonus after suppressing Sabrina’s union movement for the 5th straight year.”

“I wouldn’t have ruined every relationship I’ve ever been in by being emotionally detached and slightly creepy.”

“I’m pretty sure that was a character flaw a group of writers created to build tension between scenes that actually mattered.”

“The big lobster escape of 09.”

“I’m sure they still very clearly remember the Be Your Own Butcher fiasco.”

“That would have worked if that stupid sheep didn’t wander out into the street with a hatchet in its back.”

“He always wanted his ashes spread in the ocean so fish would choke on him.”

“I love that little piece of trash.”

“Drew Barrymore could have done this drunk at your age.”

“I’m kind of glad we didn’t end up drinking each other’s blood.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quote:
“I don’t care if he is nailing a marriage licence to the front door and laughing in your face.”
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