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Hawaii Five-0 4x01 + Revenge 3x05 + The Tomorrow People 1x03 Reviewed

Aloha Kekahi I Kekahi
H50 HQ is shot up by NLM nutters, the chatty midget is still annoying and there is a sudden unexpected surrender. Catherine is abducted, Steve has an ugly haircut, his annoying mother is AWOL and Kono is in a shack. There is a gun fight, blood and a helicopter fight with bad green screen. Steve seems to have a new nemesis in Captain Grover of SWAT. Wo Fat is in a cage and his burn scar make up is worse than the fake burn scars in ‘Prom Night III: The Last Kiss’. Wo Fat overacts, Steve kills people and Henry Ian Cusick of ‘Lost’ shows up as an NLM nutter. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I’m in the Academy, brah!”

“In 3 months you better look out.”
“90 days, I’ll be waiting.”


“An epic fail the size of Texas.”

“This one’s still breathing; I’m taking him in for questioning.”

“They came to play.”

Bony French chick hurls herself at Jack. Aiden lurks like a butler. Everyone is trashier than a landfill. Nolan and Patrick bore in a morass of bad bad acting. Charlotte’s profound rift with Conrad is manipulated by Victoria. Aiden menaces Jack with all the menace of Rob Ford after a hard night of partying. Aiden and his emotional leverage bore even as he takes his shirt off. This show has become an irrelevant tale of half wits. French chick has an awful father; will she shut up and go away? Jack sends Carl away. There is melodrama, fake sunsets, Aiden makes demands and wilfully endangers people, Emily sob stories and I am this close to dropping this show.

Best Lines:
“I didn’t realise I had a problem with you.”

“You forgot what those little numbers on your phone were for?”

“Who does that?”

“Who are you?”

“The tell-tale signs of a woman masking disappointment.”

“Charming and often cruel.”

“Pretty fools.”

Girl, Interrupted
TTP display tacky behaviour and do not show a modicum of dignity, why are we supposed to care about them? This show does not present its alleged ‘heroes’ well at all, they are mall rats full of preposterous hysteria. They are all hair lurking in their lair. Cara gets a back-story in which she is truly stupid and falsely trashy. John is stuck in his ego trap, Cara is sent to get food and Stephen doesn’t act like someone without safety or sanctuary, he acts like someone with the IQ of a fence post. Now Price is dark and unpleasant and his horrible conduct entertains unlike TTP and their crude sexual innuendo.

False, flat Cara is callous and Stephen seems to accept her wretched, rowdy ugliness. John thinks he is a tough and bitter spewer of societal truths, he isn’t. He like this show kind of bides his time doing and achieving nothing. TTP are poison, mostly to themselves. The repellent Cara is all sullenness and snideness who doesn’t seem able to think at all. Her flashbacks don’t make her sympathetic just tawdry.

This show is just not good; the writers seem pathetically unable to place words intelligibly onto paper. One of Stephen’s classmates has become a full time desperate pleading depressive waste of time. But enough about her, Stephen obsesses over the useless ornament Cara.

Flashbacks show how Cara was deaf, how her powers manifested resulting in someone dying and how her once loving father disowned her for her own sake turning Cara ugly and wrong. But seeing as Cara didn’t bottom out but instead joined up with a pack of easy to despise over sexualized hipsters in TPP, it is hard to care.

This show is just dreadful, there is no brutal desolation just stupidity. I don’t care about Cara and her ‘damage’. I don’t care that Astrid sees Stephen use his powers and he lies to his friends face because TTP are so much ‘cooler’ than Astrid. I’m going to drop this show, it is ugly and wrong.

Best Lines:
“Hell is other people.”

“Your kind can’t be trusted in our world.”

“You’re going to kill me.”
“That’s entirely up to you.”

“They don’t deserve saving.”

“We’ll be better off without her.”

“I’m onto you.”
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