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‘The Following’ 2x02 promo
Die Emma die! Joe bores and cults within cults. Looks good.

‘I, Frankenstein’ TV spot

‘The Legacy’ trailer
This 1978 horror starring Katharine Ross features a cat, red fingernails, gothic murders, screaming, that guy from ‘The Who’, a will reading, flying mirror shards and a birthright of living death. This looks fun.

‘Grudge Match’ TV spot

‘Fleming’ promo

I like salted caramel ice-cream.

I am reading ‘American Gothic: Family’.

‘Raising Hope’ Quotes:
“She’s still in prison. I got out early for good behaviour but Margene is doing an extra 12 years for shanking a guard.”

“I picked up a few skills in prison: fighting off rapists with sharp toenails, making an excellent toilet merlot, spent a lot of time in the computer lab where I got very good at graphic design.”

“I used to fake my death, all the time.”

“You’re an evil woman.”

“The faster we walk, the sooner he stops.”

“This is God’s TV.”

‘Hawaii Five-0’ Quote:
“We’re going to talk about the kill zone now.”

‘The Black Adder’ Quotes:
“I spit on you and your master and look forward to passing water over both your graves at a later date.”

“I’m rather regretting my choice of undergarments as well.”

“May you both die horribly.”

“The food tastes like manure and frankly I find you both very boring.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Jim’s comatose. Sonny is tricky. Patrick is angry with Maxine and drags her home by the nape of her neck. No-one notices. Dodger tells Sienna her daughter is alive. Darren talks Nancy out of her madness. Patrick gets his crazy face on and beats Maxine in a distressing scene. Patrick tears up Sienna’s photograph of Sophie and told Maxine to apologise to him. When will this gross abuser be exposed? Maxine blubbered down the phone to Mitzeee about how she loves Patrick and is lucky to have him. She’s always afraid of him! Dodger is clueless, nothing new there.

Patrick reminds Maxine she is financially dependent on him. He is shrill and vile and she reeks of desperation. There is shampoo product placement. No-one seems to notice that Maxine is stuck and petrified. Sonny menaces Fraser and Grace. Patrick throws Maxine an engagement party where she knows no-one as she has no friends thanks to him. Nancy sees Maxine’s horrific bruises and what will happen there?

Best Lines:
“He wants to help me.”
“That’s not the only thing he wants to do with you.”

“Why are you trying to poison my mind with your poisonous poison?”

“Stand up, lesson isn’t over yet.”

“Now he’s been in a nasty accident, that’s loyalty for you eh?”

“Please don’t hurt me.”
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