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Book Reiew: Bitch

Bitch by Elizabeth Wurtzel
This 1998 mess is a wannbe ‘feminist’ polemic from the author of ‘Prozac Nation’. It is a rambling, angry, thoroughly desperate and undignified collection of essays about ‘difficult’ women like Courtney Love, Delilah, Sharon Stone, Princess Diana, Amy Fisher, Nicole Simpson, Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath. There are some good points made about despair, depression, social roles and sexism but there are lost in a ridiculous, fervid, rabid torrent of ranting that seems to been written on speed. The pop culture references are terribly dated and the few interesting points are drowned out by endless obnoxious moralising and self important preaching.

Best Lines:
“This is desperate work. I don’t notice her doing it.”

“What is exactly is Trudie Styler other than Mrs. Sting?”
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