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Movie Review: Haywire

Haywire (2011)
The man faced, voice altered Mallory Kane (Gina Carano) kicks a lot of ass including Channing Tatum’s in this tale of spies, silences and MMA style fight scenes. From the director of ’Contagion’ comes this 1970s style tale that goes from Barcelona to Dublin to New Mexico to Majorca as Mallory tries to find out who betrayed her and why. Mallory advances the curve by trashing a hotel room in a fight with Michael Fassbender of ‘Hex’. She gets chased around the streets of Dublin and New Mexico as the opaque plot remains opaque. Mallory’s dad (Bill Paxton) is worried, Mallory’s boss (Ewan McGregor) is evil, she forms an alliance with Michael Douglas, gets revenge and prepares for a supreme ass kicking of the big bad (Antonio Banderas). This woman of steel tale was entertaining.

Best Lines:
“Are you in the drug business?”

“Wine and gun maintenance.”

“I’ll take a rain check.”
“This is Ireland, won’t be long.”

“Turn around punk.”

“Then explain it and try really hard.”

“You better run.”

“The motive is always money.”
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