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Numb3rs Season 4 Ep 15 review

End Game

A sequel to the earlier episode 'Thirteen'. The family of the vigilante who killed the two serial killers from 'Thirteen' are abducted. It has nothing to do with his vigilante justice only simple greed. Meanwhile Don deals with his latest bitchy girlfriend and looks good in Kevlar, Amita is ever useless and in a hilariously funny moment the kidnapper yells at the vigilante: "I'll see you in Leavenworth!" only for the vigilante to shoot him in the leg and snarl: "That's so I can hear you coming!" This was okay, but seriously if this was the only episode of 'Numbers' you'd ever seen you'd think Charlie was Alan's only child and that Don and Charlie are unrelated. Bring back the damn brotherly camaraderie of season 1.
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