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Book Review: Witches: Wicked, Wild & Wonderful edited by Paula Guran, part 1

From the editor of ‘Halloween’, ‘New Cthulhu’ and ‘Once Upon A Time’ comes this disappointing collection about witches.

Walpurgis Afternoon
A housewife is shocked when two witches move in next door. This was dull.

By Mercedes Lackey. This is the 1st ‘Diana Tregarde’ short story which was copied by innumerable urban fantasy authors. This was slightly dull as Diana takes on a vampire who is armed with nunchuks.

The Cold Blacksmith
A blacksmith deals with witches. This was a yawner.

Basement Magic
In the 60s, a housekeeper helps a girl protect herself from her evil stepmother. This was okay.

Mirage and Magia
A witch terrorises a city. This was dull.

Lessons With Miss Gray
Girls receive lessons in being witches paying the price and learning cold facts along the way. This was okay.

The World Is Cruel, My Daughter
A cold retelling of ‘Rapunzel’ as her contumacious mother’s desperate attempts to keep her safe backfire. This was good.

Ill Met In Ulthar
A prequel to the ‘Marla Mason’ books sees the diabolic Marla help a fantasy writer who is living out his novels. Marla mocks fantasy tropes and makes things worse. This was okay.

The Witch’s Headstone
By Neil Gaiman, a boy who lives in a graveyard decides to get a headstone for a long ago executed witch. This was okay.

Boris Chernevsky’s Hands
By Jane Yolen. This is a boring tale of Baba Yaga.

Two girls are the odd ones out in a family of witches. This was okay.

The Way Wind
This is an utterly ridiculous and awful tale of a village visited by a witch.
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