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Dracula 1x10 + Hostages 1x02 Reviewed

Let There Be Light
This show has been axed more or less. Harker blames Mina for everything; she seems to have finally had it with the loud, jeering punk. A seer shows up and Lady Jane oversees a vampire hunt. Van Helsing menaces, no-one notices or cares that Lucy is a vampire, Grayson is stupid and this show had promise but is deadening.

The wilfully odd Van Helsing stabs Renfield, destroys the serum and is done with Dracula. Harker has no drama or internal conflict, he’s just a moron. Van Helsing faces off with Browning in madly theatrical fashion and he was playing a long game. People die, Grayson soapboxes and not even a weapon from the papal armoury can save Lady Jane.

Mina continues to be portrayed weirdly; this show has no intense atmosphere and has nothing new to offer. Harker is scum and the boring Dracula blathers on about vicarious immorality and the nauseating nature of unrestrained immorality. The not happening season 2 is set up as Grayson’s secret is out, Van Helsing forms a new alliance, Lucy wallows in her new state and the seriously insane Dracula beds the moronic Mina. What is the point of Mina? She is not an island of reality in a sea of fakes; she’s just a plot point. Van Helsing awakens Harker’s hunting instincts, that will turn out badly. This show was not dark or dirty or thick with steam punk and urban stink as the ads promised. It lacked a genuine sense of grubby dread and was a series of missed opportunities.

Best Lines:
“Show him to the cellar, I’ll join him there.”

“The accursed plan.”

“By the will and the blood of Our Saviour, today we will annihilate the Fell One and his spawn.”

“Death is coming.”

“Grayson will never walk in sunlight again, much like yourself.”

“Do you not recognise me?”
“Should I?”

“They’re down there with you.”

“What have you done?”

“You slaughtered my family.”
“That hardly narrows it down does it?"

Invisible Leash
It is like ‘Murder On The Orient Express’, everyone is in on the plot to kill the POTUS. The Saunders family can only cry and be useless. Brian is ordered is give his mistress (Hilarie Burton of ‘Solstice’, ‘One Tree Hill’ and ‘White Collar’) a good seeing to. Brian is all booze and flannel shirts. Ellen wails through her huge mouth, Morgan sulks, Jake is a moron and Duncan bores and looks like he smells like craigslist. Stockholm syndrome and brainwashing is taking hold, Ellen gets a friend killed and this is a garage heap of a show.

Best Lines:
“Why are you doing this?”
“My daddy didn’t pay enough attention to me.”
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