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‘Out Of The Furnace’ TV spot

‘Lone Survivor’ TV spot

‘Revenge’ 3x05 promo
I’d rather be watching Gok Wan.

Best Line:
“You can’t even trust the people you have on your side.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Nancy does not forgive Sienna. Joe is dead. Freddie cries, he is so wet. Sandy is unobservant that one of her sons has been murdered and another is cracking up. Nancy frames Darren for gambling to get out of marrying him again. Patrick gets angry with Maxine again. Joe is gone from the opening credits and Fraser looks like Michael Portillo.

‘Raising Hope’ Quotes:
“I’m going to read the scripture until the devil comes out of me.”

“After the 10 pages of escort services, there were listings for a dozen old cars in our price range.”

“Not a diamond.”

“The power steering only works on right turns.”

“Cars should not do this.”

“It’s the hardest my manager’s laughed since I showed her that internet video of guys getting kicked in the jingles.”

“We’re not making bad decisions anymore.”
“While we’re there we can grab some lunch at that Mexican/Indian restaurant the health department finally reopened.”
“Aw that’s a good idea, I heard the power went out the other day for 18 hours and they’re selling anything with chicken in it for real cheap.”
“Sounds great. We’ll take the East River Bridge, there’s almost no traffic since it started cracking.”

“Does yours bite too?”

“You never took me to the dentist, so when the wind blows my gums bleed.”

“I’m off to the year 2008 to marry Susan Boyle before she got rich and famous.”

“’TJ Hooker’ was filming, they paid me 50 bucks a day to lie in a creek full of small but very angry turtles.”

“Your fat sweaty husband’s wheezing on top of you like a dying walrus.”

“That thing work?”
“It gets hot.”
“Hot is good.”

“Girl you lose this ring more than Bilbo Baggins.”

“My weiner diamond.”

“That boy may not be good at a lot of things but he sure can fake a seizure, maybe that’ll help him in prison.”

‘Smokin’ Aces’ Quotes:
“I think they’re going to pour boxes of bullets into his ass.”

“I’m praying that he puts up a fight.”

“This guy’s got hookers up there, fist fighting.”

“Vegas longue act turned legitimate thug.”
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