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Revenge 3x03 & 3x04 + The Tomorrow People 1x02 Reviewed

What happened to the flashbacks with David Clarke and little Amanda? Conrad dreams, whines and his father is nowhere to be seen. Emily wears too much blusher and why does Victoria think she is a grifter? My interest in this show is dwindling. Nolan throws a tacky party, Daniel is scum yet not as malevolent as he thinks he is. Paul aka the poor man’s John Ritter is relatively benign.

Charlotte lives in the bar. Victoria looks plastic. Nolan wears hideous sailor suits and flirts with Patrick. Emily’s voiceovers are not full of audacity and poetry, they’re just dull. Lorde’s song ‘Royals’ plays at Nolan’s party. Conrad finds death restful. Aiden annoys, he is mendacious. Victoria gets instant notoriety when Emily shouts about her bankruptcy. Daniel is brutally boring, Patrick annoys and can’t act. Paul is emotive, Victoria’s knack for delivering devastating put-downs is fading, there is a twist and this was just dull.

Best Lines:
“I have sinned.”
“Trust me, I’m well aware.”

“They’re dechlorinating your pool for the swans.”

“That sounded spoiled.”

“My odious wife.”

“Great swans.”

“You can finally have your true love back, dead as he may be.”

How did Conrad’s car become a fiery hell pit? Victoria cries over her art and her masochism tango with Conrad drags on. Paul is dead thanks to Emily. Why does Patrick trust Victoria as a mother? Conrad spews tripe and is truly chilling as he decides to be evil again. Victoria gets a job at an art gallery owned by a ‘friend’ (Kathleen York of ‘Vengeance Unlimited’) but has an agenda. Daniel is a monster and this has as much depth as an Ivana Trump novel. Who tried to kill Conrad? No-one cares as the love parallelogram drags on. Daniel’s grand passion for Emily fades; Patrick has secrets and is full of contradictions. Yet this still sucked.

Best Lines:
“Your ridiculously obvious lie.”

“His inevitably short stay.”

“Are you scared?”
“Of being killed in my sleep by a coward like you? Damn straight.”

“The working class-less.”

“Now he thinks he beat God.”

“Are you still chewing that same bone?”

In Too Deep
The phrase Shadow War is used. TTP wave their arms and each other and Stephen (Robbie Amell) won’t wear a shirt and is a sucky person. There are exposition dumps, another TTP debuts and makes drama, John and Cara are a plague on this show. John SHOUTS and can’t act. Stephen and his emotionally manipulative mother talk at each other. Cara yaps about a D chip. I’ve no sympathy for any of these people. TTP steal with their immense power, writhe around a lot and John isn’t an anti-hero - he is a twit into bird table discussions. Tantrum throwing new TTP Kurt is a thug and an ungrateful, thankless one at that. Stephen lies, his uncle has a boss and Stephen gets someone killed. The idiot narration drags on and Stephen is furious, impotent and utterly miserable. Why is this show still on?

Best Lines:
“I don’t especially like that name.”

“What happened to the whole welcome Stephen, you’re one of us, we’re the lost boys speech?”

“It’s genocide.”

“Is that kind of thing normal?”

“You’re lying or you’re an idiot.”

“Every meal I ate was stolen or fished out of a dumpster.”

“Quite unforgivable.”

“Failure will not be tolerated.”

“Stephen will lead us to The Tomorrow People and we’ll kill them.”
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