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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ TV spot
They’re recast Ryan for the 3rd time. No.

‘Vikings’ promo
Gabriel Byrne in a bad wig is supposed to be a Viking? No! No! No!

Best Line:
“Hell and all its devils!”

Read who was cast as ‘Ant-Man’, that film sounds crap.

RIP Roger Lloyd-Pack.

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Sinead married the bad actor Freddie in a red prostitute dress. Is she still a prostitute? Sinead slept with Robbie before the wedding, Freddie overlooks that. The reception is at Grace’s bar. Klassy. Freddie stares and never blinks. Jim looks like a flasher and may be dead. Grace utters improbable threats. Lindsey’s fat. Joe’s dumb and possibly dead. Grace left Joe to die in the block of flats that were being demolished. Freddie had a good wail. Nancy visited Sienna in the nut house.

Best Line:
“You will kill Mercedes!”

‘Betrayal’ Quote:
“I want you to take offence at that.”

‘Raising Hope’ Quotes:
“Lead with the species!”

“A moth is just an ugly butterfly.”

“If you swallow an apple seed, will you poop a tree?”

“I’ll get the knock-out drops, you get the scissors.”

“I’m so happy I’m not really involved in this story.”

“Unusual, impractical and unsanitary.”

“We’re not crazy.”

“While the rest of you are fighting each other over a sip of water from a radioactive puddle, I will be sitting safely in my survival bunker.”

“Dad was in charge of handling any looters, mutants or aliens.”

“He just said: you can lie to yourself and pretend you’re on a first class flight to London but everybody else knows you’re on a freight-train to stupid town.”
“That should make her stop huffing paint.”

“Fallacy. And fallacy doesn’t mean penis, it means not true.”

“You’re in charge of figuring out how to cook anything that survives the initial whatever.”

“Make me nancy boy.”

“I’m not fluent in wussy.”

“I’ve been wanting to punch you in the face ever since you told me I looked like Ralph Macchio in drag.”

“You skinny little Ralph Macchio looking bitch!”

“Santa will just be a desperate old man in a red suit peddling reindeer meat.”

“We’ve got three cases of dog food in the basement labelled zombie bait.”

“Live with that image for the rest of your life.”

“How his first steps were down a flight of stairs, how we forgot him that time at a Whitesnake concert.”

“A souvenir mug we’ve been using as a toilet.”

“It’s very folksy and comforting.”

‘The Black Adder’ Quote:
“Get her out of my sight at once or I’ll eat her!”

‘Sherlock’ Quotes:
“How about a nice cuppa and perhaps you could put away your harpoon?”

“Your mind, it’s so placid, straight-forward, barely used.”

“That’s an ancient name for the devil.”


“If I wanted poetry, I’d read John’s emails to his girlfriends, much funnier.”

“Stay away from the moor at night if you value your lives!”

“Thank God for the demon hound.”

‘South Park’ Quotes:
“I need a magazine and a toilet.”

“I’m not a beauty queen in a Disney movie.”
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