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Book Review: Cell

Cell by Stephen King
This 2007 novel is a mediocre tale of The Pulse, a ‘virus’ carried by every mobile phone in the world. Anyone who hears it turns into a crazed, blood hungry, mind wiped zombie. A trio of annoying survivors wander the wasteland making giant logic leaps about the zoms. Their annoying smugness has ‘shocking consequences’ but the reader just does not care as you want to punch the ‘heroes’ in the face. This book is dated, luddite, shambolic and full of techno babble. This is not a tale of moral decay but a boring ramble that ends in a cliff-hanger.

Best Lines:
“I don’t think people should see we’re in here, that’s all.”

“I think it might be...bad.”

“It was always possible that the hypothetical crazed mob under discussion would think the house deserted and go sweeping by.”

“Get away from me. You’re poison.”
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