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Dracula 1x09 Reviewed

Four Roses
Mina bores, Grayson tantrums and Harker makes more questionable life choices as he scowls with the strained expression of someone in need of a laxative. The Order of the Dragon and their ear hair make spiteful plans. Grayson is an idiot. This show isn’t harrowing or unflinching even as Lucy realises she’s been played and Harker and his grotty equine teeth is increasingly depraved.

Van Helsing’s mind disintegrates, Dracula rips off a famous scene from ‘Angel’, Mina is Illona reincarnated and Lady Jane assembles an army of Huntsmen. The Order of the Dragon has a Vatican chapter. Lucy tries to reach out to Mina who throws her under the bus literally and figuratively. Mina sulks and lets her displeasure be known. Grayson tells Mina he won’t woo her until he settles his terrible debt, I don’t think this show is getting a season 2. Lucy is transformed into a vampire in a bath and looks like Elizabeth Bathory after a fun night of partying. This wasn’t good, poor Lucy is or was the only decent character.

Best Lines:
“Must I quote the primary oath?”

“Enslaved to his own scheme.”

“He’d rather self-immolate than stray from the rut he calls a path.”

“Don’t think about it, ever.”

“Run little rabbit, run.”

“Why is he so glum?”

“You pig!”
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