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Movie Review: Burke & Hare (2010)

This John Landis ’comedy’ is set in 1828 Scotland and is a wildly inaccurate and wildly inappropriate biopic of the notorious grave robbers and murderers Burke (Simon Pegg) and Hare (Andy Serkis - stop it Peter Jackson, he isn‘t happening). The duo are failed conmen who decide to make beer money by supplying medical schools with cadavers. The doctor (Tom Wilkinson) doesn’t ask questions, his rival (Tim Curry) glowers and one of their first murders is of a Napoleonic War veteran (Christopher Lee).

The captain of the local militia (Ronnie Corbett) is not as stupid as they think he is, Hare’s wife (Jessica Hynes) is a lush, Burke falls for a prostitute (Isla Fisher) and Hugh Bonneville and Jenny Agutter show up for no clear reason. There are cameos by Greyfriars Bobby, Dr Lister, Samuel Coleridge and Charles Darwin. There is also mutterings about progress and the enlightenment as the duo murder for money.

Finally Burke and Hare are busted and their fate is softened a lot. Hare did not end up running a funeral parlour, but yes the executed Burke’s skeleton is on display in an anatomy museum to this day. This was crass, unfunny and plain bad.

Best Lines:
“That would be an artery.”  

“I’ve a very very good explanation.”

“He stopped living and died.”

“No chance, piss off.”

“I’m not saying anything, especially to a Presbyterian.”
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