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Book Review: Hellfire

Hellfire by Jean Johnson
The 3rd in the ‘Theirs Not To Reason Why’ saga is a sad letdown. This military sci-fi started out wonderfully with ’A Soldier’s Duty’, faltered with ’An Officer’s Duty’ and goes utterly off the rails with this penultimate volume. Ia (and her messiah complex) has her own ship and assembles a crew to save the galaxy as foreseen in her prophecies. The second Salik war erupts and prices must be paid. Entertaining subplots are ignored in favour of battle scenes, Ia wangsting and it all seems aimed at the domestic wine drinking demographic and not SF fans. I loved Book 1 and am bitterly disappointed by Books 2&3.

Best Line:
“I am the Prophet of a Thousand Years, the Changer of Worlds, the Meddler of Destinies, the Defender of Our Galaxy.”
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