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Tracking The Tempest by Nicole Peeler
Book Two of the ‘Jane True’ series is described as ‘captivating and irresistibly kooky’ which is an utter lie. Jane True hones her new found supernatural powers, shags her dudebro vampire lover and investigates gruesome murders. All the while her body is a tourist attraction as everyone wants her in one way or another. She ignores all evidence that her extravagant optimist lover is an interfering tool whose love is a veneer and she keeps up pages upon pages of navel gazing first world problems. While Book One had some promise, it all evaporates here. Jane and everyone in her world needs to just go away.

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
This was a disappointing tale of mental illness, family secrets and madwomen. Margaret Lea, a reclusive bore, is invited to write the biography of beloved author Vida Winter. Vida tells Margaret her bizarre life story that involves a decaying mansion, eccentric servants and a degenerate rich family whose violence and sexual perversity casts a long shadow. This was an over written gothic mess that was made into a lame BBC drama starring the over actors Vanessa Redgrave and Olivia Colman.

Best Lines:
“All men do not seek intelligence in a wife.”

“Why Emmeline lets herself be beaten (and have her hair pulled out, and be chased by Adeline wielding the fire tongs in which she carries hot coals) I have yet to understand.”

“Anyone who might have known the answer to those questions is dead.”

Long Live The Queen by Kate Locke
The 3rd and final book in ‘The Immortal Empire’ series is not as good as ‘God Save The Queen’ and ‘The Queen Is Dead’. Goblin queen Xandra Varden realises how fragile her society’s Victorian steampunk way of life is, someone is plotting, an unexpected development takes place and things are resolved more or less. It is all just so boring. Humans are obstacles, the big bad is defeated way too easily and the unreal artificial Victorian steampunk ethos continues. This was sadly dull and boring.

Best Lines:
“I think people who say all the right things have been trained to say them.”

“I was worried that they’d eat you.”

“Well, you did have her committed.”

“Close your mouth, girl. It’s unseemly.”


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