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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Divergent’ trailer
WTF is so special about the blonde moron?

Best Lines:
“What if they already known?”
“Then you’re already dead.”

‘We Are What We Are’ trailer
A cute backwoods family may be cannibals. Creepy.

‘Metallica Through The Never’ trailer

‘Revenge’ 2x03 promo

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Theresa the walking STD was finally arrested for killing Calvin Valentine, four years after the deed. Calvin’s brother Sonny is now a cop and gloats over the skank’s downfall. Sam arrested Theresa, who else. Finn’s descent into psychopath territory continues, he should be expunged as he really is the skeeviest guy in the room. Sinead asks Esther to be her Maid Of Honour at her wedding and Esther agrees. WTF?

Cracked black pepper crackers = good.

‘Sherlock’ series 4&5 plotted out? Yay!

Got my ‘Insidious Chapter 2’ DVD. Heard Rose Byrne and Leigh Whannell’s real accents on the extras. It is amazing how long it takes people to notice that Josh has brought something home with him.

Best Lines:
“Something else came back.”

“Oh my nuts.”

“How does a bear beat a goddam ninja?!

“I saw what haunts him and it’s not a friend. It’s a parasite. I’ve never felt such a malignant presence. It wants to be him.”

“It’s always dark here.”

“Things no living person is supposed to see. Only now, one of the dead has seen him.”

‘Raising Hope’ Quotes:
“I’m trying to screw as quietly as I can, but I’m having trouble getting it in the hole.”

“Shut up and screw faster.”

“Did you learn nothing?”

“The government’s here to take the baby. They think we’re putting her in danger. Hurry, toss her over here and I’ll hide her under the car.”

“Free food if they promise not to urinate in the parking lot.”

“Room! Room!”

“She’s crazier than a face eating hobo!”

“Topics to avoid: Obama, cell phones, foreign aid, hip-hop.”

“Liberace’s gay!”

“All our sandwiches taste like talcum powder and mothballs.”

“Two years ago we earned enough to pay taxes.”

“It certainly worked for Anne Frank.”
“See, it worked for Sabrina’s friend.”

“That creepy vacant stare you do.”

“There’s the stare.”

“Measure once, cut twice.”

“Their bowel movements must be smooth as butter.”
“Thanks for ruining butter for me.”

That’s the best lasagne I ever drank.”

“Take us to the cocoons.”

“I lived through the great senior syphilis epidemic of 08.”

“A balance beam accident left me with a tilted uterus.”

“Nothing says family like squirting your 86 year old grandmother in the face so she won’t hit your granddaughter with a fireplace poker.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quote:
“Never invest more in a relationship than you can afford to lose.”

‘The Thirteenth Tale’ (book) Quotes:
“All living memory of them ceases. This is both dreadful and natural.”

“She could not read a book for fear of the feeling she might find in it.”

“Life is compost.”

“He locked himself in the library and refused point blank to come out. This might seem excessive.”

‘Hawaii Five-0’ Quotes:
“We’re not done.”
“Oh joy.”

‘The Blackadder’ Quotes:
“You compared to your beloved brother Harry, ha ha ha, are as excrement compared to cream.”

“The Duchess of Gloucester’s given birth to twin goblins.”

“Are you a cretin?”
“Yes my Lord.”

‘Burning Water’ Quotes:
“It’s a Manson-cult-”

“The minute he crossed the boundary with ill-intent, your cowboy would have felt a pressing need to go visit that pasture - armed.”
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