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Book Review: Dark Haven

Dark Haven: Book Three of the Chronicles of the Necromancer by Gail Z. Martin

After 'The Summoner' and 'The Blood King' comes this latest addition to the sword & sorcery saga. Matris Drayke is now King of Margolan after killing his evil usurper brother Jared. Now Matris has to marry a princess, conceive an heir, wage war against the last of Jared's loyalists and rebuild his shattered kingdom. If that wasn't enough, there are even more problems on the horizon as well as Matris' ongoing temptation to use the dark side of his Necromancer abilities.

Meanwhile Matris' ally Jonmarc Vahanian is now Lord of Dark Haven, a land where the living and the undead live side by side. But a rogue group of undead are plotting to break the centuries old truce and dominate Dark Haven and the rest of the Winter Kingdoms. Jonmarc must bring order to Dark Haven, no matter the price.

This is another excellent entry in this sparkling series. The ongoing saga of the Winter Kingdoms enthrals as Martin gives us magic, battles, betrayal, conspiracies and romance. I can't wait for more tales of Matris and his kingdom.
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