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Revenge 3x01 Reviewed

Someone will shoot Emily on her wedding day in two months, Charlotte lost the baby, Nolan has been exonerated and the Initiative plotline has been dropped. Nolan lost his company due to Emily spending season 2 in a profligate waste of time. Victoria bonds with her long lost bastard son Patrick (Justin Hartley of ‘Smallville’). Daniel wants a real job, Ashley blackmails and Conrad is Governor but plans to be POTUS. This was boring. Daniel meets an ugly old French flame, malicious Ashley lingers and Charlotte doesn’t like Patrick though she does love her GHD.

The Grayson fortune is still lost, so how do they afford the manor? Jack’s back and is all affectless. ‘Revenge’ carries on without anybody much caring at all. Jack practises ostracisation; Emily messes with Conrad and frames Ashley. A lot of fake sunsets are enjoyed. Aiden looms. This bored.

Best Lines:
“That well has dried up.”

“New York’s first and worst family.”

“How was the witch?”

“Nolan 2.no.”

“Go back to Croydon.”

“You two are evil.”
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