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Sherlock 3x02 Reviewed

The Sign Of Three
A critic called this show over hyped, fie a pox on thee! Donovan shows up in the teaser and somehow she is still on the police force. Lestrade rushes to Baker Street to learn Sherlock needs help with his Best Man speech. It is six months since 3x01 and John and Mary get married. Mary wears an ugly Oxfam shop reject and looks about 50. Why did Sherlock read her as a liar? John is blissfully happy with Mary and his BFF Sherlock. I am getting horrible suspicions about 3x03.

Sherlock menaces people at the wedding, John’s old commanding officer Major Sholto shows up but his sister Harry does not. Mycroft doesn’t bother to attend as he is working out while wearing a lycra tracksuit. Sherlock makes his very long Best Man speech and is more a bludgeon and less a person. The Johnlock shows through his speech, which makes me even more worried for 3x03. John is so moved by the speech he hugs Sherlock, awwwww. Thankfully the awful one sided abusive relationship from 3x01 is nowhere to be seen. In 3x01 John just fell in line and forgave like a battered spouse who was just grateful that he wasn’t going to be thrown down the stairs.

Stuff revealed during the speech: the drunken stag night, their bizarre cases, Sherlock is a graduate chemist, John was in Afghanistan for three years, Sherlock thinks about murdering people quite frequently and Sherlock more or less loves and needs John.

Things won’t be the same after the wedding. For all Sherlock getting drunk, thinking about a sitty thing and puking on a stranger’s carpet - he feels loss. He plays the violin for John and Mary’s first dance, reveals a big secret and then leaves early because he is lonely and sad. So bittersweet but good. Something really awful is going to happen in 3x03.

Best Lines:
“Do you know any funny stories about John?”

“Shut up Mrs Hudson.”

“I’ve run out.”
“Have the shops?”


“You’re a bloody psychopath.”
“High functioning sociopath, with your number.”

“If I try and hug him, stop me.”

“Did I get it wrong?”
“No you didn’t.”

“Look at the stamp, three attempts at licking.”

“Let’s stick her by the bogs.”

“I learnt it on youtube.”


“He gets more death threats than you.”

“Urinating in wardrobes, bad.”

“He’s clueing for looks.”

“You should have driven faster.”


“It would be if God were not a ludicrous fantasy designed to provide a career opportunity for the family idiot.”
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