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Nikita 3x22 Reviewed

Til Death Do Us Part
Season 3 ends with all the resonance of a cow pat. Nikita is dim, Ryan is inept, Alex shows off her stripper hair extensions and whatever happened to the cover farm that was on top of the Division bunker? Will the Hollywood communists stop messing up once good shows?

Amanda really thinks she is a hot bitch, TPTB have spent way too much of season 3 kicking Michael in the face and Nikita is bitter, cynical, agitated, soporific, stiff, rude, pompous and full of stern obduracy. Somehow Michael and Alex have no rancour against her for all her crap. Everyone in Division is dim, the shop have reach and the POTUS is an awful, constipated, puffed up termagant and why is the lighting so super soft?

There are lies, murder and a twist. Michael shows off his grey granddad underpants, Alex has seen ‘Flatliners’, no one has seen ‘Salt’ or ‘Air Force One’ and there is slandering and decrying. The rest of the dirty 30 finally show up to get mowed down with an assault rifle by Birkhoff. Michael shows off his man boobs, Davison is blown up, there is another twist and Nikita grows less intelligent and makes ugly crying faces as the episode finally ends. This was galling in its awfulness, no wonder this was cancelled.

Best Lines:
“She should be afraid.”

“Amanda weird.”

“That’s a kill mission kit.”

“Eagle is down!”

“Booth, Oswald, Nikita.”

“I can’t allow you to speak to anyone, ever.”

“He’s dead but not the way you think.”

“What needed to happen, happened.
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