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Sherlock 3x01 (2013) Reviewed

The Empty Hearse
I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. Sure this had imagine spots galore about how Sherlock survived. Sure Sherlock has been proved innocent. Sure Sherlock returns and expects things with John to be exactly as they were. Sure there are amusing cameos and homage’s to the source material ‘The Empty House‘. And yes the reunion with John goes horribly violently awry due to John's grief turning to rage.

But this had too much Mycroft, Sherlock is oblivious, horribly manipulative and emotionally abusive to John. Mary is ugly (I’m sorry but she is) and so many plot threads are left dangling at the end. This show just wasn’t as good as it used to be. John is blasé about nearly being murdered, again. He seems resigned to Sherlock’s emotional abuse and lack of remorse. There is a retcon, someone is crazy, John just shrugs off Sherlock’s vile acts and TPTB try to hook us in for 3x02 with a creepy final image. This was okay but John should never have forgiven Sherlock. Nothing in 3x01 showed me why John would.

Best Lines:

“Sherlock was not my boyfriend...I am not gay!”

“Use your mind palace!”

“Your brother, Molly Hooper and 100 tramps.”
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