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Book Reviews: The Shadow Tracer + The Riptide Ultra-Glide

The Shadow Tracer by M.G. Gardiner
From the author of ‘The Dirty Secrets Club’ and ‘The Liar’s Lullaby’ comes this taut thriller. Sarah Keller is a skip tracer and a single mother to Zoe. When Zoe ends up in the er after an accident, it becomes clear that Sarah is not Zoe’s mother. Soon the US Marshals and the FBI are chasing Sarah as well as a criminal clan. The mystery of Sarah and Zoe unfolds in suspenseful fashion, this was good even if the ending is OTT and is left open enough for a sequel.

The Riptide Ultra-Glide by Tim Dorsey
The latest ‘Serge Storms’ novel is tired and boring like his Christmas novella ‘When Elves Attack’. Serge just can’t stop scheming, two idiot tourists are perpetually melancholic and pain clinics are an important plot point. This was an acrid mess of irreducible reality. Serge is tired.

Best Lines:
“The hookers were slap-fighting a Hare Krishna.”

“Serial killers are losers.”
“How are you different?”

“Snooki would be blowing winos for cigarette butts.”
“I’d watch that.”

“Here’s where they pull him out through the window by his hair.”

“Who throws poo?”
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