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Nikita 3x21 Reviewed

Invisible Hand
Nikita gets more people killed as she is dysfunctional and on the verge of mania. Amanda continues her high-octane delusion. Nikita is a dismal failure at moving beyond Division. This show is no longer up to scratch and it doesn’t rate anymore. Alex is offered a job as a UN special envoy, she can move beyond life as a bad cliché. Michael is on his last nerve with Nikita. Birkhoff and Sonja kiss. The shop are up to something. There is gunfire, a nanotoxin and Amanda’s personal vendetta bores. Michael is in peril, Nikita is in trouble and the shop is a hell of a lot bigger than Division ever guessed. This was dull; all the trouble in this episode would have been averted if they had checked Michael’s blood ages ago.

Best Lines:
“Don’t ask questions you may not like the answers to.”

“I have to stop her.”
“No you don’t.”

“She’s working with the shop.”
“Let her.”

“We’re invisible for a reason.”

“Why are we whispering?”

“Where do we go after this?”

“I haven’t seen one patrol.”
“Yeah, that’s what scares me.”

“Get gone.”

“They know the question is: do they care?”

“That is something even you can’t live with.”

“You are what I made you. Now and forever.”
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