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The Time of the Doctor + The Tractate Middoth Reviewed

Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor (2013)
This Christmas special isn’t as good as 2012’s. The Doctor talks to a cyberman head. Clara is all boobs and earrings. There are unnecessary naked jokes, a message from Gallifrey, the Silence is revealed and the Papal Mainframe floats around in space. Weeping Angels lurk under snow, Clara talks to a crack, something is trying to break through from another universe and the reason why the question that must never be answered is revealed. A truth field, bald jokes, Gallifrey, Trenzalore, Daleks, River Song and the Time War all feature and or mentioned. Clara is abandoned twice, 11 regenerates, there is an unnecessary cameo and babbling about regeneration. 12 shows up as played by Peter Capaldi of ‘World War Z’ and so much for the dark hints given about him in ‘The Day of the Doctor’. This was a bit of a letdown.

Best Lines:
“I’m being shot at by cybermen!”

“App it.”

“Boss of the psycho space nuns.”

“Your ears are like rocket fins.”

“I always knew it wasn’t over.”

“They will be met with a war that will never end.”

“An unscheduled faith change.”

“Silence will fall.”

“The Time Lord has entered the trap.”

“She’d have died first.”
“Several times.”

“You fatuous egoist.”

“Fly away Doctor.”

“Any moment now, he’s a-coming.”

The Tractate Middoth (2013)
The BBC2 Christmas ghost story is adapted (loosely) from an MR James story by Mark Gatiss. It is updated to the 1950s and features an evil rich old man, his cackling maid, two rival heirs, an important book and a slightly dim assistant librarian named Mr Garrett who looks like Darren Criss.

There is a ghoul, an irritating old woman, a feud over an inheritance, train journeys and an inheritance that no-one with any sense would want. This was okay with lots of spiders and a shadow on the doorstep. But this wasn't as good as Gatiss' 2008 'Crooked House'.

Best Lines:
“Where other people had a soul, he had a corkscrew.”

“Rum sort of dust.”

“One was content with fish paste.”

“Twisted he was.”

“Don’t trust him in life or death.”
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