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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ promo

Best Line:
“What’re you doing weirdo?”

Sweet Tarts Merry Mix are good.
I adore Orange choc.

There will be no review of ‘Banshee’ 1x04 ‘Half Dead Is Better Than All Dead’

I am reading ‘The Ravenglass Eye’.

‘Raised by Wolves’ Quotes:
“He’s actually really sensitive. I saw him shoplift an Adele cd at Christmas.”

“He shot a snail with an air-rifle.”

“When the oil runs out and the lights go off, you’ll be regretting this in the dark, selling sexual favours for candles.”

“Trauma prevention hoods on kids.”

“I’ve licked everything on my plate, so don’t bother.”

“What’s the malevolent bitch done now?”
“Now Della, don’t be like that about your mother.”

“I warn you once. This is that warning. The warning has been given.”

“Be unconscious.”

“I’ve seen him forget how to use a door.”

‘Hollow’ Quotes:
“It’s a bad place with a bad history.”

“What about Lynn and Kyle?”
“Cuckoos in the nest.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Mercedes spends Paul’s life insurance as Trevor and Grace plot to steal said life insurance. Every woman in Chester adheres to hyper-feminine identity performance. Carmel points out Theresa’s abysmal mothering skills. Sam has Fraser arrested and seemingly now detects his whiff of sleaze. Jim, the only barrister in Chester, has Fraser released. Everyone in Hollyoaks is an emphatic volatile mess. Tegan’s dumb and Sandy is oblivious to the devil in plain sight.

Best Lines:
“Fast cars, nice wine and dodgy men. Merry Christmas.”

“You want a loan? You know where the bank is.”
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