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Dracula 1x08 Reviewed

Come To Die
Grayson broods. Mina snoops and acts like she is on liquid hash. Lady Jane hunts vampires and learns Dracula is in London. Harker displays a lack of effort. It seems the Order has sabotaged Dracula’s business permanently. Van Helsing plots. Lady Jane reveals Dracula’s back-story to some Order members who have prehistoric attitudes.

Lady Jane dumps Grayson, Mina defriends Grayson, Davenport plots, Lucy engages in wrongdoing and Grayson tantrums. Mina is menaced, Harker is a bullyboy and someone ends up dead. Lucy gets revenge and Van Helsing does something terrible. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“May I ask a question?”
“If I told you no would it stop you?”
“Probably not.”

“I allowed a question, that does not mean I wish to answer it.”

“Folly and threat.”

“There is another one.”

“There was such a man. The texts concerning him are forbidden to all but the Dragon’s heads and their chief Huntsmen.”

“So grievous was his sin that a sentence of death was considered inadequate.”

“Created not sired, by us.”

“Who will stop me?”
“I will.”
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