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Kidnapped (1978) Review, part 2

The Stranger
Alan was heading back to France but ends up on the slave ship and finally meets David. The ship captain plots to kill Alan for his money. The cabin boy has died. Alan fights the crew and rewards David with a button. There is more bad dubbing and water being dumped on actors. This was bad.

Best Lines:
“He fought well, but he ran faster.”

“God help us if you’re wrong.”

The slave ship has been wrecked thanks to Alan’s inept navigation. Alan is a git who makes things worse. Catriona stands around. The Red Fox is killed. This was dull with bad dubbing.

Best Lines:
“They haven’t caught me yet.”

“Damn you Alan Breck!”

“You’ll be revenged!”

“Perhaps one day you’ll see fit to change your mind.”
“I can see no sign of that day dawning.”

David is insufferable as he and Alan flee the Redcoats. David harangues, interrupts, challenges and gets drunk. James of the Glen is in trouble. This was dire.

Best Lines:
“He doesn’t understand, he’s a lowlander.”

“Highlander honour cannot be taken lightly.”

Over The Highlands
Alan plays cards with a blowhard and turns out to be a gambling addict and a bad one to boot. David wants his inheritance. Catriona lurks. There is bad dubbing and Uncle Ebenezer is foiled. This was ugh.

George II is King. David has his inheritance. There is bad dubbing, David annoys and Alan lurks in bushes looking for badgers. This was unwatchable.

Skipped this ep.

Skipped this ep.

The Trial
Skipped this episode.

A Far Cry
Skipped this episode.

The Choice
Too many men in loud fabrics run around. David and Catriona plan to marry. Alan realises Bonnie Prince Charlie is a git and is stuck in France. This series was a disappointment.

Best Line:
“He would like us to find suitable occupation elsewhere.”
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