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Book Reviews: The Poisoned Chalice + Haunted

Star Trek The Fall: The Poisoned Chalice by James Swallow
The 4th in the saga continues the Bashir-is-Edward-Snowden theme. Riker is promoted to Admiral, Vale gets her own ship, Tuvok goes on a black ops mission and Troi helps to rescue Bashir from a blacksite prison. All the while disturbing suspicions about Bacco’s assassination and the Andor incident are raised.

The UFP is having an identity crisis. Tom Riker resurfaces. There is a doctor who is a tree alien (a Lahit from Diane Duane’s old TOS novel ‘Doctor’s Orders’). This is a good, dark, cynical tale but it is inevitable after the Dominion War and the events of ‘Destiny’. UFP President Ishan Anjar is an enigma with all his talk of strength and order; I look forward to seeing how this saga plays out.

Best Lines:
“You may choke on your rights and your fair trials! We wish none of it!”

“So says the man sitting inside a reeking cage on a poisoned world.”

“I used a fire extinguisher to convince him otherwise.”

“You’re a reckless fool who doesn’t deserve command of this ship, or any other!”

“This isn’t like the old days, when captains were kings who could do what they wanted and damn the consequences!”

“Haven’t you asked why it is we keep getting kicked to pieces by every aggressor species in the galaxy...still no one raises a hand to put them down. All because we’re the Federation. The good guys. The ones who never, ever start a fight.”

“There have to be consequences.”

“Feeling nothing? It’s very liberating.”
“I believe you are psychologically impaired,”

“Once he has left this ship, he’s an outcast.”

“We didn’t end the Dominion threat for this. We didn’t endure the Borg for this!”

“There is a rot at the core of the Federation.”

“If we look out to the stars and we only see darkness and dread, then we’ve lost something we will never get back.”

Haunted by Tamara Thorne
This 1995 novel by the author of the inept ‘Moonfall’, ‘Eternity’ and ‘Candle Bay’ is boring. The Baudey House has a violent sordid past of madness and murder. So a writer and his daughter move in to investigate. Cue outdated slang, bratty teenagers, a patronising writer, annoying locals and the ghostly villain Christabel is a monster because women’s sexuality is the root of all evil apparently. This bored.

Best Lines:
“It’s haunted.”
“Is not.”
“Is so.”

“She told mom you had really sexy underwear and she didn’t think it was proper for your dad to buy you things like that.”
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