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Nikita 3x20 Reviewed

High-Value Target
Sam (formerly Owen) is selling the blackbox at the G20 summit. Cyrus (formerly one of the dirty 30) shows up to aid Nikita. Ryan is inept, Nikita whines and Division has to fix actions they have precipitated. Amanda is not a dynamic force of destruction, she just bores. The Navy SEALS invade Division, Alex is useless, the POTUS is awful and TPTB pimp Alex/Sam. This episode was crap with an idiot Navy SEAL, Amanda chained to a bed, Nikita whining about everything and the dumbly named baddies The Shop resurface. I’m sick of the blackbox, Division, Nikita, Amanda, Alex, Sam and the fact TPTB want us to cheer Ryan. I think I hate this show now.

Best Lines:
“Division is only us now.”

“Never tell a Turk how to make a deal.”

“I don’t care.”
“You used to.”

“The biddings over and we didn’t win.”
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