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‘Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones’ TV spot

Kenny Everett’s ‘12 Days of Christmas’ skit
This is classic Everett in which 4 people in Victorian garb sing the song as giant gold rings, eggs, water, feathers, milk, lords a leaping, bagpipes and drum kits rain down on them from above. A festive must watch.

Tommy is the Uncle Ben of ‘Arrow’. He has to be dead. Sigh. I miss Tommy.

Looking forward to ‘Sherlock’ series 3. It is clear that Sherlock thinks John will be fine with the whole Sherlock faking dying horribly in front of his best friend. He also thinks John will be back to solving cases with him. What will he do when John says no? What will happen when it is clear Sherlock has got it so, so wrong?

I wonder if the ‘Stephen Ward’ musical will last longer in the West End than the ‘Gone With The Wind’ musical did.

I am reading ‘Legacy’.

Review of ‘The Tractate Middoth’ forthcoming.

Anyone else recall that 1992 movie ‘Obsessed’ in which ‘Fatal Attraction’ was ripped off? Or the 1982 TV movie ‘Rehearsal For Murder’ which was a twisty tale like ‘The Last Of Shelia’?

What has become of Shia LaBeouf’s career?

‘Doctor’s Orders’ Quote:
“Kirk found himself looking at something that resembled a small forest - except that he couldn’t get rid of the idea that it was looking at him.”

‘A Moody Christmas’ Quotes:
“I’m from a bad area.”
“Dude, you left Burma when you were two months old.”

“I’ve seen starving, and it doesn’t look anything like you.”

“Is Oskana a prostitute?”

“Together, we can make sex party, yes?”

“She is a terrible person.”

‘New Captain Scarlet’ Quotes:
“Help them and you’re murdering everyone on this planet.”

“We’ll take care of Scarlet, permanently.”

“There’s nothing but sand that way.”

“He’s died before.”

“What’s an hour to eternity?”

“You’ve earned your rest more than most Scarlet.”

“I hope your chute fails.”

“No way is this some air con problem.”

“We thought you were dead.”
“Believe me, so did I.”

‘Blue Peter’ Quote:
“People who do this sort of thing must be mentally ill Janet, mustn’t they?”

‘Ashes to Ashes’ Quotes:
“Such a shame, those poor little fish.”

“Would somebody like to give me a hand dragging this bastard back over?”

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Carmel and her polyester hair is becoming obsessed with being mummy to Kathleen Angel. Ste sulks in his hoodie, he and John-Paul just kissed thankfully. Ste whines about his family who he didn’t even know existed a year ago. Tegan the Lily Allen wannabe whines at Fraser and lets him know her mother has a police file on him. Ste decides to move out of the Lomax house because his dad is a sleaze. Fraser doesn’t want to know his baby daughter Rose and gives Tegan £10,000 to go away. John-Paul is done with Danny. Nancy is struggling to communicate. Carmel calls Theresa a filthy disease spreader. Sandy and Fraser are to marry on Christmas Day, I’m sure things will go horribly awry.

Best Lines:
“She farts like a trooper.”

“She should have been mine.”
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